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Blood Pressure Bar Chart

Blood Pressure Bar Chart

History and Research of Laughter

A Laughing Success

Laughter Yoga is a revolutionary idea, simple but profound, developed by Dr Madan Kataria, a medical doctor from India, whereby you can learn to laugh for no reason. It is an exercise routine and a complete wellbeing workout.

The simple technique of Laughter Yoga was introduced to help people manage the stress of life in Mumbai in 1995. It started with just five participants. It has proved so popular that it spread not only around India but has now become a world wide phenomenon with 6,000 laughter clubs in 60 different countries.

Pioneers of Laughter

Norman Cousins, Dr William Fry, Dr Lee Berk, Dr Hunter "Patch" Adams have produced a huge amount of research on the health benefits of laughter.

More recently.

Research has shown that practising Laughter Yoga, laughing 15 minutes a day will impact deeply into the way you cope and manage your mood and your performance.

Clinical research conducted in India and in the US has proved that Laughter lowers the level of stress hormones in the blood.Researchers at Linda Loma Medical Centre, Indiana State University and the National Cancer Centre in California  found that the immune system is boosted by up to an amazing 40% after laughter!  

Recent research has also shown that our hearts like a good laugh. Research Scientists at the University of Maryland in Baltimore found that when the subjects laughed, the blood flow increased through their body by 22%.  As we laugh the blood vessels in our body expand increasing blood flow and improving the circulatory system.

At last, Laughter is taken seriously

In the group class, special guided techniques with eye contact and childlike playfulness help to promote real and contagious laughter. The lesson is a combination of deep breathing exercises from Yoga and laughter exercises which oxygenate our body and brain. It is best to do a class in the morning to get the full benefit of it during the day.

Laughter Yoga  can :

  • encourage the flow of happy hormones or endorphins
  • improve health and energy
  • reduce stress because it reduces cortisol stress hormones in the body
  • help you keep a positive mental attitude, regardless of circumstances
  • help you tap into your creativity
  • strengthen your immune system
  • improve efficiency and performance at work and in sport
  • change the quality of your life and work for the better